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Kawaii in Kaua'i

Frank N. Foode, everyone's favorite Kawaii GMO corn, embarked on a trip to the state of Hawai'i. His first stop is in Kaua'i, but he's also going to visit the big island of Hawai'i. There are lots of talks, debates, and new plant (and people) friends that he got to meet on this part of his journey.

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4th of July 2013

Frank celebrates Independence Day on the 4th of July with some colorful Salvia friends, and some fireworks!

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Canada and Italy 2013

In June, 2013, Frank started an international journey. His first destinations were Saskatoon, Canada, and the ICABR conference in Italy. Then, he came back to Alberta, Canada, to celebrate Canada Day and go on more adventures. Check out all this pictures and follow him as his journey continues, eh?

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Champions of Change: Open Science

Indian Agriculture


2013 BIO Convention

Spring Hill Day

Maize Genetics 2013

2013 MOSES Organic Farming Conference

Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago

Corny Comedy Clubbin

2012 Livestock Biotech Summit


The Corn and the Honeybee

Maize Genetics 2011

NCCC-167 2011

Frank in Thailand

Conservation in Wisconsin

First Global Biofortification Conference

Frank 'n food

World Food Prize 2010

George McGovern

Science Societies Open House

Frank @ BIO 2010

San Francisco and Michael Pollan 2010

Maize Genetics 2010 in Italy

MOSES conference 2010

Frank 'N' People

Just Frank

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