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Vote on our next Kickstarter plush!


Hi everyone! Frank N. Foode™ here. Wow, our Kickstarter has been going great, and I’m so happy to see everyone chipping in to bring me to life! We just reached our T-shirt Stretch Goal – so now anyone can get

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Poll: Tell us how you’ve been waiting!

Frank won't sleep until the wheat is safe!

Hi everyone, Frank N. Foode™ here. Our Kickstarter is about to launch, with only about 12 hours to go. Soon you will have a chance to get your own copy of, well, me to have for your very own. Some

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Enjoy your food tonight, thank some farmers and scientists. Forget about the politics for a little while.

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Winner omits the Control!


Happy November, everyone, Frank N. Foode™ here, and I’ve got the results of the 2013 Frankenfood Carving and Costume Contest. This year, we had some very creative, geeky, politicky and foodie entries, and it was a difficult decision. But our

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2013 Frankenfood Carving Contest

2013 Contest 400

Greetings, plants and people! This is Frank N. Foode™ with a special announcement. Leaves are turning colors and falling from the trees. The weather is changing, and demonstrations are happening both near and far with people talking about genetically engineered

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