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Dr. Huber turns down my generous offer


This is the beginning of the end of this particular sad tale of fear mongering and misinformation. Anti-GMO darling Dr. Don M Huber is on a tour of the Sunshine State, giving two talks in Tallahassee and one in Gainesville.

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Greenpeace destroys GM wheat trial in Australia

Greenpeace recently enlisted Vandana Shiva to protest on their behalf about GM wheat trials underway in Australia. Vandana Shiva endorses criminal arson as direct action against scientific laboratories she disproves (explicit video interview). Now Greenpeace — by their own self-acknowledged vandalism

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TechNyou carry great story about GM wheat: the story of our daily bread |

GM wheat: the story of our daily bread | TechNyouBY JASON MAJOR TECHNYOU (reproduced here by kind permission of TechNyou) Australian consumers will soon be eating GM bread that has never been proven safe, according to Greenpeace. Greenpeace have lately

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The EFSA is doing traceback of E. coli contaminated fenugreek seeds imported into the EU. Preston and Tribe do traceback with plagiarised junk science.

The European food safety authority is currently tracing the sources and distribution of allegedly deadly E. coli contaminated fenugreek seeds originating in Egypt which have been implicated in several different outbreaks of severe pathogenic E. coli infections occurring these last weeks in

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Deadly Choices — Junk science costs lives

Most of the time scientists can rely on publications that go through the careful critical review by other scientists. But sometimes papers get rushed through to publication, and there can be hasty, even harmful decisions made by journal editors. On

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