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We’re all wearing the same genes

Babies in costumes.

Kaleo the Dinosaur, Dalton the Turtle, Adam the Pumpkin, Alexander the Lion. Image by Nathan LeClair via Flickr. One major “ick factor” of genetic engineering is taking genes from one species and adding them to another species. While it sounds strange, we

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Herbicide Resistant Johnsongrass: Coming soon to a farm near you!

Pioneer and K State are jointly releasing a set of new herbicide resistant sorghum varieties, which will incorporate resistance to ALS and FOP herbicides. Ironically, these non-genetically modified varieties invoke one of the classic bogeymen of anti-GM thinkers – herbicide resistant

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Evolution of Fruit Shape in Tomato

Someday you’ll be able to use CAD software to draw up what you want a plant to look like and the software (containing detailed growth models) will tell you what genetic constructs you need to bring it into the world…

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God is ok with evolution, really.

There’s been a bit of controversy lately at Iowa State on the subject of “intellectual suppression” of intelligent design. Some pent-up drama from Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez’s tenure denial is still around, and Expelled brought the beast back to life. Of

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