Biology Fortified, Inc. (BFI) is an independent educational tax-exempt non-profit organization incorporated in Wisconsin (view Financial Information).

Our motto is: Stronger Plants, Stronger Science, and Stronger Communication.


Our mission is to enhance public discussion of biotechnology and other issues in food and agriculture through science-based resources and outreach. To carry out this mission, we have three primary activities:

  1. Develop resources.
    • Provide expert scientific analyses to support the public good and the scientific community. This includes publishing thoughtful articles through the Biofortified Blog.
    • Generate public resources to promote accessibility and comprehension of the scientific literature. This includes the Genetic Engineering Risk Atlas (GENERA), a searchable database of peer-reviewed research on the relative risks of genetically engineered crops.
  2. Encourage discussion.
    • Maintain open comments on each blog post and seek out diverse viewpoints via social media.
    • Encourage civil discussion through a clear Comment Policy.
  3. Cultivate communication.
    • Provide editorial services and advice to scientists on how to communicate with the public using social media.
    • Connect specific scientific experts with journalists, policy makers, and others seeking expertise.

Meet our experts

Experts in science and science communication of biotechnology serve on our Board of Directors and help develop resources for BFI. Scientists, farmers, students, and more contribute to the Biofortified Blog. The next author could be you!

Frank N. Foode

Frank N. Foode is your friendly neighborhood genetically modified organism. Learn more about Frank and other Plant Plushies!


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