One of the goals of Biology Fortified, Inc. is to foster discussion and exchange of ideas, which relies on use of the commenting system and Forum. Anytime a group of people discuss a contentious topic, ground rules can help ensure that everyone can speak their mind while ensuring some degree of courtesy for other commenters and maintaining the flow of conversation.

If this is your first time commenting on the Biofortified Blog, remember that your first comment will always be held in moderation. This happens automatically, and it helps us identify new forms of spam. Comments with more than 2 links in them are also held in moderation automatically, which can sometimes delay and interrupt conversations. If you wish to bypass these restrictions, you can register for the site and comment while logged into your account. Comments from registered and verified users are not moderated (don’t abuse it).

Biofortified’s editors reserve the right to modify or remove any comment for any reason, but we do this as infrequently as possible. Below you can find guidelines for commenting. If you have any questions about what may or may not be permissible, or if you would like to dispute a comment modification or deletion, simply contact us or post in the comment policy section of the forum. These guidelines also apply to Guest Posts and will be updated as needed.

Comment guidelines

  1. License: Comments posted are assumed to be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.
  2. Responsibility: Comment authors are ultimately responsible for the content of their own contributions.
  3. Politeness: Comments that are civil are most likely to foster meaningful discussion, so we ask you to refrain from being rude when commenting. In rare cases, comments may be edited to restore politeness.
  4. Trolling: Deliberate antagonization of authors or other commenters will not be tolerated. Troll comments will be removed, and the author may be banned from posting additional comments.
  5. Attacks: You may question or argue any ideas but comments that include personal attacks will be removed, and the author may be banned from posting additional comments. Violent statements and threats of harm are not allowed.
  6. Illegal  Content: Comments that include illegal content may be modified or removed. Commenters are responsible for any illegal content they post, including any libel. A comment appearing on Biofortified does not imply that the editors believe it to be legal.
  7. Length Limit: Comments should rarely, if ever, exceed a normal screen length. Extremely long comments may be modified or removed, particularly if they are off topic. Do not cut and paste articles into comments – link to them instead. You should express your thoughts concisely in your own words rather than pasting lots of other people’s thoughts.
  8. Links Limit: The comment software will automatically hold any blog comment with more than four links in moderation, which may delay your comment from appearing on this blog. Any blog comment with multiple links might be automatically marked as spam. If you comment as a registered user, your comments should not be held up for any reason.
  9. Links Use: Use of links to demonstrate points is encouraged, particularly if the link is to a reliable source such as peer reviewed literature. Links to sites that include illegal content, hostility, or other questionable content may be removed. Links not relevant to the discussion may be removed. We know what advertising looks like.
  10. Privacy: Email addresses are required for commenting, but remain private and are never shared by the editors. Email addresses may be used infrequently by the editor to privately contact authors or commenters. Any personal information such as phone numbers or addresses posted in comments may be removed.
  11. Profanity: This is a PG13 website. Moderate language will be tolerated but comments which include profanity will be edited or deleted. Repeat offenders may be banned.
  12. Pseudonyms: Use of pseudonyms is permitted but discouraged. A comment is far more meaningful when you are willing to stake your reputation on it.
  13. Sock Puppets: A Sock Puppet is a duplicate account registered by the same person to either create the impression that there is more than one person holding an opinion, or to avoid attracting attention to your first user account. While we do not actively search for sock puppet accounts, they are not allowed, and if found, users will be notified to correct their behavior. IP Addresses for all comments are logged.
  14. Impersonation: Pretending to be someone else is not tolerated. Do not pretend to be a prominent person or any other commenter. We can identify fraudulent comments by their IP address and email. If you believe someone is impersonating you on Biology Fortified, please notify us immediately and we will investigate.
  15. Stay on Topic: In order to foster discussion, we ask that commenters stay on topic and discuss only the content of a post and closely related topics in the comments of a post. Off topic comments may be moved or removed. If you would like to bring up a new topic, visit the Forum. Comments that include disputes about comments or comment modifications or deletions may be removed as they are off topic.
  16. Conjecture: We aim for fact based discussion. Please keep away from making wild accusations and conspiracy theories.
  17. What To Do If Your Comment Does Not Appear: Biology Fortified uses Akismet to filter comments for spam, and sometimes comments can get mistakenly flagged as spam. If you leave a comment on this blog and it does not appear in a reasonable time period, and you know that it does not violate these Comment Policies, contact the editors.
  18. Violations: We will warn and advise comment authors before trying to take action. Repeat offenders may be banned. Commenting on Biofortified is a privilege, not a right. The editors reserve the right to publish identifying details about users such as IP addresses and email addresses and correspondence in extreme cases of abuse.