Study shows soil-building benefits of manure and crop rotation, so why didn’t they say so?

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The secret to building soils is… wait for it… manure and diverse crop rotation. Underwhelmed? Researchers in Iowa (Delate et al, 2013) came to this result after conducting ten years of field research. Only this wasn’t their conclusion. Instead, the headline … Read More

Rachel Carson’s dream of a science-based agriculture may come as a surprise to those who believe that sustainability and technology are incompatible.

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The ‘Frankenfoods’ debate is coming to your dinner table. Just last month, a mini-war developed in Europe, when the European Union’s chief scientist, renowned biologist Anne Glover, said that foods made through genetic engineering, such as soy beans—about 80 percent of … Read More

Speedy tweets matter for science, and fimbriae hairs matter for death and disease from lethal German EHEC E. coli germs

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…[The German outbreak  bacteria form fimbriae [pili].” Fimbriae are small tentacles that help EAEC bacteria stick to the intestinal wall. This could lead to a stronger colonization of the gut and more toxin being released into the body. Speed matters: … Read More

Oxfam should get serious about malnutrition: Africa needs roads and nitrates

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A recent UK Times opinion piece by rational optimist Matt Ridley has really hit the nail of the head about food security, linking together many issues that are repeatedly tackled at this website. The value of fertiliser. The needs of Africa. The … Read More

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